Nevada: Cultural Competency Training for Nursing


Provides 2 hours of continuing education – Provider Number: NV-14122

In this course, the learner will be able to: 

  1. Explain the importance of cultural competency in healthcare settings. 
  2. Identify multiple religious beliefs which may impact healthcare decisions. 
  3. List communication methods that healthcare practices can provide to the LGBTQ+ community to provide a welcoming and safe environment. 
  4. Identify characteristics of Veterans that may affect their healthcare needs. 
  5. Explain the positive impact on client care of listening to the unique daily needs and compensations of those living with a mental or physical disability. 
  6. Identify personal assumptions about protected classes and how they may have detrimental effects on clients.
  7. Identify social determinants of health and how they can become barriers to quality care.


  1. S. Hannah, Dementia Care Specialist

    Amazing job! Thorough clear great examples easy to understand lots of information your voice is awesome here! You could do voice overs!!! Your voice is calm, easy to understand, non-judgmental, soothing.

  2. A. Litle, MSW

    I loved, loved it. You kept me engaged the entire time by asking the audience to reflect. I didn’t have a problem with the implicit bias video. It kept blacking out. It could have been my internet connection. The PowerPoint is well organized, formatting and graphics are simple to read and follow. The tone of your voice was consistent and calm throughout. I really appreciate the Somalia story and Melissa’s story. You knocked it out of the park. Great job!

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