Our Mission:

To inspire a new understanding of successful aging through interactive education.

To develop a culture where staff see their role as working alongside residents, seeing them as equals who need partnership.

To support the creation of a supportive living space for seniors, an encouraging work environment for staff, and peace of mind for families who seek a genuine quality of life for their loved ones.

Why we do it

For years, we’ve seen the positive impact that empathetic, knowledgeable care makes for residents, as well as the benefits to employee happiness and success. Beyond creating positive experiences for residents and their families, proper training helps care partners feel empowered, effective and capable.

"I highly recommend Leslie's training in the field of dementia care training, behavioral expression interventions, person centered engagement and disease. Her passion and ability to engage the audience to understand the importance of approach, meaning and purpose is excellent. She listens, seeks to understand and will work with the team for solutions and or ideas."
Teresa Gilbert
Director of Dementia Care Brookdale Senior Living

Our plan:

Providing a system of tools that are SIMPLE TO LEARN, EASY TO IMPLEMENT, and backed by EVIDENCE BASED BEST PRACTICES – which assures any senior care community can successfully implement our system.

our Partners agree:

"Leslie is an excellent trainer. Her designs and the entire system are easily understood by my caregivers. Having Leslie train my staff helps me continue my desire toward real person-centered care and creating the type of Memory Care home where my residents living with dementia can thrive." RFA, M.Ed., Owner
Dora Valentin
RFA, M.Ed., Owner
"Leslie provided helpful information and resources. She worked with all support groups but was always available for individual support as needed and to answer questions. The word "can't" was not in her vocabulary but her response was always "can" or we can try. As a carepartner, she never made me feel like I was inadequate as a caregiver for Don. She was there to provide support for me so I could provide support to Don."
Donna Hechler
Care Partner
"Leslie has the compassion and energy needed to give caregivers the best opportunity to care for those with memory challenges. Her method of training finds where the student is and teaches them the way they learn best!"
Steve Trejo
Director of Marketing
"Leslie is an incredible resource and her coaching has helped us to grow our memory care home to new highs. Our staff and residents are the happiest they’ve ever been."
Nick Kittle
Quail House Care Home Owner
"In my role of Health & Wellness Director in a memory care community, Leslie has been a great teacher and source of support. I have always been impressed with her professionalism and admirable personal qualities... She is able to help her audience understand the importance of thinking outside the box and being open to the concept of the person living with dementia instead of the demented person. She is also a huge advocate for the dignity and respect when caring for a person with dementia."
Shay Stayton