the right tools make all the difference

What our program will do for you

Create a culture Of Meaningful & personalized care

Support leadership’s ability to sustain Positive culture

Empower staff to independently create solutions

Stimulate team dialogue and develop problem solving skills

Inspire curiosity using Colorful and Engaging Training Materials

your program kit includes:

Add a dementia care specialist to your team

LIVE TRAININGS are provided by our professional staff using methods including role plays, interactive problem solving, and encouraging dialogue through questions and sharing of stories. RECORDED VIDEOS are available to provide refreshers and available to view with staff members. PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS are available to support unique situations. Join our WEEKLY LUNCH & LEARN meetings to join other senior living professionals in expanding your knowledge.

Our CONTINUOUS GROWTH PROGRAM provides these opportunities to have a seasoned senior/dementia care specialist available to your team to provide advanced level support. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!