Micro-Lesson Resources

Professional dementia care specialists provide free quality coaching through social media. Check out their websites and Instagram accounts!

         Inspired         Senior Care

       Be Light                      Care  

                      Your                                     Dementia                               Therapist

             Positive                             Approach to                                Care    

Other Resources

Shifting from Institutional Environment to Person-Directed Care

  • Experiential Learning Institute – implementing experiential learning model in variety of settings

  • Inspired Senior Care – tools, coaching and training for senior living communities

  • Positive Approach to Care – Training and coaching techniques to better support those living with dementia

  • Dementia Reconsidered: The Person Still Comes First, book by Tom Kitwood

Ageist Language

  • Words Matter. Document created by the Dementia Action Alliance addressing shift in language necessary to shift culture

  • Language Matters. Poster created by Inspired Senior Care poster comparing institutional language to person-centered language

Culture Change Structure in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing

  • Raising the Bar: Creating a Better Society in Which to live with Dementia; an initiative created by the Dementia Action Alliance and The Eden Alternative; excellent and deep dive resource providing unique versions for AL and SNF

Monthly Training Resources

  • Team training programs created by organizations such as Inspired Senior Care or Positive Approach to Care

  • Demonstration videos from YouTube resources listed above

  • Bulk courses commonly purchased by senior living communities providing topics on which to build your program