supportive lesson plans

Interactive Learning

Consistent Messaging

Our lesson plans are designed to provide in-depth training on each of the 12 Building Blocks that are established throughout the training. This curriculum is designed to provide  the tools needed to practice positive care including dementia care techniques, from exercising independence to dealing with caregiver stress and conflict.

Packed with educational material and engaging activities for staff and care partners, the inclusion of our carefully designed lesson plans into your training program can make all the difference in a truly engaged care team.

inspired Conversation cards

Be Inspired to Care

Be Inspired to Connect

Our Conversation Cards are designed to to stimulate dialogue and problem solving for people caring for seniors, including those living with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke or other cognitive impairment. The cards are designed to encourage communication and stimulate healthy cognitive functioning. The 200+ Conversation Cards cover topics that dive into the 12 Building Block concepts to stimulate proactive dialogue and thought process.

Enriching Program Posters

Engaging the heart

Empowering the mind

The posters serve as an easy to understand reference guide for families, residents and staff members. Each poster is backed with a clear description of the strategy and how it can add depth to the culture of your community.

8 hours of supportive training for your team

The key to lasting change

Enacting real change in your community can be likened to doing dishes, laundry, or yard work — it is a task that is never really finished.

That’s why even our basic Starter Kit includes access to our supportive “Train-The-Trainer” program for up to 3 of your leadership staff. Training your new staff with your very own INSPIRED SENIOR CARE expert is the best way for your positive changes to become permanent changes.

Senior Care representative chatting with a care partner