Environmental Triggers 

What if… we altered environmental factors to support those living with dementia? Environment has a powerful influence on our state of being. The environment includes what we see, touch, smell and hear. It also includes interactions between others, décor, temperatures, weather patterns, and more. For a person living with dementia, environmental factors can play a key role in providing a positive space or one that is overwhelming.

How can you help to create a supportive environment? Lessen the number of people visiting at one time. Limit the number of items on a counter space to allow for focus of a task. Keep shutters or curtains open during the day to allow in sunshine supporting regular circadian rhythm. Provide comforting smells like baked goods, favorite spices, flowers. When assisting with a move to a new setting, bring and arrange items similarly as before to provide familiarity of the environment. Positive Approach to Care® teaches the four F’s of creating a quality environment – keep it friendly, functional, forgiving, and familiar. 

If your senior living community would like tools to help educate these concepts and more, please reach out to Inspired Senior Care to Learn more.

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