What is Normal Anyway?

What is Normal Anyway

How do you define normal? Is it meant to be standard or common?  Is it meant to be average?  Or, can it be defined as free from, or, thought of as a natural occurrence?  With these many definitions of the word normal, then, how easily can one describe the behavior of a senior living with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other memory loss as normal?  Who can really say what normal even looks like for a senior challenged with any of these conditions?  What is normal memory loss opposed to memory loss occurring because of cognitive decline? What will a normal day look like when you are providing care for someone with Dementia?  What is normal anyway?

The fact is, normal can be many things. Normal could mean daily repetition without change. It could just be a day without difficulties.  Normal can and will change for seniors living with a type of memory loss condition, and will most likely change often.  Will you be prepared for the changes?  Can you adapt to be the new normal?

Inspired Senior Care has developed specific training tools so that your team can better understand the changes happening and therefore, better equip your team to adapt the kind of care that will foster a better quality of life for your residents, and so your staff will enjoy measurably higher job satisfaction, creating a richer, more vibrant atmosphere for all!

The BUILDING BLOCKS OF INSPIRED SENIOR CARE begins with Brain Change – Understanding how the brain is changing and adapting our approach.  This insightful training module will begin the process to help senior living communities and senior support organizations of all sizes develop a relationship-based culture of meaningful and personalized care by providing engaging LEARNING tools and proven know-how TO HELP GUIDE TEAMS IN how to effectively and independently serve the SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL NEEDS of today’s seniors.

Adjusting the way staff perceive older adults requires engaging tools and interactive coaching techniques to reinforce new, more accepting understanding towards those experiencing age related changes. WE ARE READY at Inspired Senior Care to help you create a new normal in your workplace by developing a culture where staff see their role as working alongside residents, it begins by seeing the residents as equals who need partnership.

Are you ready for a new normal?

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