Making Interactions Uplifting and Encouraging

Going deeper into Maya Angelou’s concept, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” how do we affect others feelings about us? What do they do that causes us to have positive or negative connections with them? And then, how do we change our actions based upon those feelings? Do you strive to do more when acknowledged for your hard work and efforts? Do you do better when given encouragement? Do you respond more positively when your opinion is requested, or your expertise is acknowledged? By intentionally engaging in these more personalized forms of communication, the depth of our relationships is enhanced. 

To create a successful culture of supportive living spaces for seniors, an empowering work environment for staff and peace of mind for families, add uplifting dialogue and encouragement to your daily communications. 

The Inspired Senior Care training toolkit provides senior living communities and senior support agencies with interactive learning materials that lay the framework for a sustainable, person-centered, care-driven culture by empowering teams with research-informed, tactics to streamline their mastery of individualized, life-enhancing senior care. Adjusting the way staff perceives older adults requires engaging tools and interactive coaching techniques to reinforce new, more accepting understanding towards those experiencing age-related changes. The BUILDING BLOCKS OF INSPIRED SENIOR CARE emphasizes positive, uplifting and encouraging communication.

The daily, weekly and monthly coaching sessions, and colorful and engaging training resources are more than reinforcement of traditional skills and concepts. Our program is designed using evidence-informed educational techniques and senior care best practices. Dementia-care knowledge is woven throughout the training, making the product suitable for use in independent living, assisted living, group homes, memory care or other services focused on enriching the lives of seniors.


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