Using More Than Words To Connect

There are five basic human senses; taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing. Helen Keller couldn’t hear or see, but she still could communicate. Through all of the hardships she endured, she went on to be the first deaf/blind college graduate and wrote about 14 books. She most assuredly relied on more than just words to connect with people around her. Most people, in general, have a strong human desire to connect with others, to create bonds and lasting relationships. Helen Keller had that with a lifelong teacher, Anne Sullivan, who is credited for transforming Helen’s life and helped her overcome much adversity.

Regardless of age, humans still require connections, with people, with places and with things. But connections are so much more than just a conversation with words. It’s a touch, a simple embrace when someone is happy or sad, or holding their hand with a gentle squeeze. It’s the distinctive aroma of fresh coffee brewing, inviting you to breakfast and a lively discussion of the day set before you. It’s remembering that oh-so sweet taste of a freshly plucked peach from your grandmother’s tree, still radiating a gentle kiss of heat from the sun. It’s the magnificent rainbow painted vibrantly and beautiful across the sky after a mid-summer rain. It’s the joy felt when hearing a favorite hymn. It’s using these five senses, combined with words, combined with facial expressions while using a tone of voice to emphasize and show emotion to make real meaningful conversations; and in turn, meaningful connections.

The Inspired Senior Care program was created to provide teams responsible for delivering support services to seniors with the tools necessary to build authentic care partnerships. Using the BUILDING BLOCKS OF INSPIRED SENIOR CARE, it is absolutely possible to improve the delivery of care through deepening the relationships between staff and residents, by developing skills that improve communication and attune the environment. The ability to create a better quality of life for residents means staff will enjoy measurably higher job satisfaction, creating a richer, more vibrant atmosphere for all. INSPIRED SENIOR CARE is 100% committed to developing a culture where staff see their role as working alongside residents, seeing them as equals, who need partnership to be successful, using more than just words to connect.


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