Prepare to Meet Them Where They Are

Knowing what makes them tick

Care partners and individuals living with dementia can both benefit from slowing down, and being prepared by being proactive! For example, plan to arrive an extra 15 minutes prior to departure; building in enough time to patiently answer their questions, and show them support, which allows them to remain independent. 

As a care provider in a senior community, particularly those with dementia, it is important to interact as a partner and, in turn, create a genuine relationship.  As part of that building process we sometimes need to investigate, to study how we, as care partners, fit together with the residents.  Doing all that we can to understand what makes them tick.  It goes beyond knowing what they like and don’t like, and begin actively working to understand how our tone and approach affect their responses. If care partners make multiple requests or repeat questions, that absolutely impacts their loved one’s ability or inability to perform tasks.  We need to be careful and deliberate to not rush them, to avoid acting in ways which could inadvertently cause fear or stress.  Care partners have to identify in themselves instances where they may be displaying impatience or conveying commands that might be received as an insult, causing further emotional stress.  As a care provider, it is crucial to remember that people living with dementia are doing the very best they can to adapt to the brain changes they are experiencing. Our role is to be a positive source of support as they experience those changes.

The Inspired Senior Care program engages the curiosity of teams through stimulating, impactful dialogue and intuitively connecting key concepts, such as Be Wildly Curious.  This unique approach helps leaders and staff collectively develop a sustainable framework that meets and exceeds the expectations of residents, care partners, and families. Remember, the goal is not just to address a challenge today, but solve it for the future. The Inspired Senior Care training program provides communities and agencies serving older adults with interactive resources to work hand-in-hand with your team’s existing knowledge and skills to establish, enhance or refresh your community’s culture of care.

When you LEARN about others, UNDERSTAND their NEEDS, and CONNECT with them GENUINELY, you will become the INSPIRATION!

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