Looking for Answers? Let’s Get Curious!

Using curiosity to find meaningful solutions

As a care partner, have you ever walked into a room where there are clothes strewn all about, drawers left open, and the room is in complete chaos?  You wonder, “what happened here!”  It’s important to set aside any preconceived notions and instead, BE CURIOUS!  BE WILDLY CURIOUS! 

Using curiosity to find a meaningful solution is a critical component of being a care partner. We not only have to be curious about the resident, and what’s going on with them, we also have to be curious about ourselves.  What are we doing, are there things that we are doing that might be triggering them?  Instead of using the word “behavior,” because it can feel an awful lot like finger pointing, use “behavioral response.” Inspired Senior Care describes behavioral response as how residents express themselves. It’s a reaction to something. It’s their response.  We need to quit judging what their behavior is. Instead, be curious why they are acting the way they are. Behavioral reaction equals an unmet need. What is that unmet need?

Addressing behavioral response in a distressed person takes patience and persistence.  Just because a well thought out idea doesn’t work this time, doesn’t mean that it won’t work a different time or maybe we need to take a different approach, or with a different person.  Remember those clothes that were strewn all about?  Ask why, did something occur  or did someone respond in a way that triggered their reaction? The key is curiosity.

Be Wildly Curious – Seeking their unmet needs, Inspired Senior Care provides the tools and techniques so not only can you learn about the resident, but you can also learn about yourself and your role as a care partner.  Think of it as a puzzle rather than a problem. First you look for all the pieces, then you put them together to  discover the bigger picture.As one of the 12 BUILDING BLOCKS of Inspired Senior Care, being wildly curious provides powerful insight and furthers “there’s no such thing as a stupid question.”  Inspired Senior Care training provides communities and agencies serving older adults with a robust series of interactive resources that work hand-in-hand to arm your team with the essential knowledge, skills and understanding to establish, enhance or refresh your community’s culture of care.

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