Tapping into Our Strengths at All Ages

Unlocking all they have to share

Seniors are living longer these days, well into their 80’s, 90’s, and even into their 100’s.

Their vast array of experiences has helped to shape our world today. Their lives started with a wide array of upbringings, religious experiences, careers, traumatic events, and a world of knowledge unique to their generation. Consider the emotions each has experienced including love and loss, passions, fears, pride and compassion. Each one has managed to combine all of that in times of peace and war, prosperity and depression. The depth of experience of this generation is expansive – let’s support them in celebrating their accomplishments and learn from them!

Strength is an impetus of Inspired Senior Care’s 12 Building Blocks.  Focusing on what seniors CAN do instead of what they can’t do shifts the perspective of care. It encourages self-esteem and increases daily well-being. For an individual who is living with dementia, this connection with feelings of success can boost their mood and may reflect in more successful interactions with others. Give them the platform to showcase their strengths and then build on it.

Encourage your residents to share their advice.  Encourage them to give of themselves.  Encourage them to support each other.  Each of these will not only benefit those around them, including other residents and staff, but the strength, the feeling of self-worth that will pour back into themselves may just be immeasurable! 

Your residents have gifts to share, and services to offer their community. Foster a desire in them to use their wisdom and abilities to contribute to their community. This may involve doing home chores, using their caring nature by simply holding someone’s hand, welcoming visitors, or giving advice in their field of expertise. Imagine the sense of pride they’ll have working with you while sharing their abilities.

The Inspired Senior Care program will provide you and your team with the essential knowledge and tools to establish, enhance or refresh your community’s culture of care. We will provide guidance on how to identify residents’ strengths and use those skills to promote a stronger sense of belonging and increase well-being. We are confident this will be a win-win for all involved!

Our purpose is to develop a relationship-based culture of meaningful and personalized care, to provide you with the tools and proven know-how, and to guide your teams to effectively and independently serve the social and emotional needs of your community’s seniors.

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