What Being a Care Partner Means

Building a strong relationship

Can you imagine your life without your best friend in it?  We build friendships everywhere. In all stages of our lives.  Beginning with early childhood, within our families, at school, at work, in marriages, in social organizations, even while on vacations, and the list goes on.  If we are lucky, we carry them throughout our lives and into our golden years, and they become very deep, strong relationships.

Inspired Senior Care strives to support the growth of strong relationships. Being a care partner has similar characteristics as friendships. As their care partner, you will want the very best for them. To provide the very best for them. To do that, start by focusing on their strengths and abilities, and inviting them to make decisions TOGETHER.

Imagine these two scenarios.

Option 1: You arrive in the morning, take out an outfit, dress the person, make their bed, seat them in their wheelchair, then say, “Let’s go to breakfast.”

Option 2: You arrive, look out the window and ask her what she thinks of the weather. Based on that, you ask what she would like to wear, providing options. You offer assistance if needed. She helps you make the bed. You then ask if she would like to walk to breakfast, knowing that she can walk given the opportunity.

Inspired Senior Care believes that regardless of age, physical abilities or condition, identifying strengths and partnering to find ways to use those strengths is key to helping to maintain identity and promote quality of life.  This is one of our 12 Building Blocks, our STRENGTHS BASED PERSPECTIVE!

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