Growing Genuine Relationships

Checklists are wonderful. They are a powerful tool to some. They manage to keep you focused, organized and driven. Without doubt, checking off an item on that list can be quite satisfying, especially if you cross off several in quick succession. Being a Care Partner, and caring for a person who is living with a form of memory loss may have many repetitive tasks, but nurturing your relationship with them involves far more than just crossing items off of a checklist.

In dissecting the term ‘care partner’, the word care covers a wide realm of connections beyond those typically thought of as ADLs. Care includes providing for those physical needs, but it also covers the social and emotional needs of the person, the spiritual needs, and the needs of purpose. Care partnering includes care for their overall well-being. It is a large ask of those care partners in senior living communities, and it requires the provision of tools and coaching from supportive leadership.

Inspired Senior Care encourages and teaches the development of Genuine Relationships. We work with communities to develop a culture where the staff sees their role as working alongside residents, by seeing the residents as equals who need partnership to live a quality life. Working this way creates a community where life is seen as more than a checklist to be completed. 

The Inspired Senior Care program was created to provide the tools necessary to build authentic care partnerships. Offering tools for daily, weekly and monthly coaching and education to staff to support the creation of a culture focused on respect and person-centered care. Start growing genuine relationships in your community today by accessing the 12 Building Blocks of Inspired Senior Care.

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