What Does a True Relationship Mean to You?

As we age, how we look at, value and appreciate our relationships evolves. Relationships we have built become more important to us as time goes on. True relationships provide the mutual benefit of comfort and trust. They provide reliability, a sense of togetherness and partnership. We recognize their value, so we put forth more effort to maintain the relationship.  

Our goal at Inspired Senior Care is to equip teams who provide care for seniors with the tools necessary to grow these types of true relationships. Key attributes of genuine relationships include respect, trust and development of connections on a personal level.

Relationships are built over time and take effort to maintain. To build a relationship, first learn about the individuals being supported. Helpful information includes family and work history, what are their personality traits, where have they lived and traveled, what life events have impacted their story. Being intent on listening and learning what is important to them starts the bonds of relationship. Learn and use their preferred name showing respect about their individuality rather than using generic terms such as honey or sweetie. True connections will naturally occur when you can empathize rather than sympathize. Empathy literally means to vicariously experience the emotions, thoughts or attitudes of another. Trusting relationships are created by being consistent in routine and support. It is also asking for and accepting their input as valuable. Once you have had the opportunity to build the Genuine Relationship and embrace it, then partner to complete tasks together.  Give them the chance to help you, to be the giver, and share that you have trust in them.  At Inspired Senior Care, we believe in the GENUINE RELATIONSHIP – you focus on the relationship first, before the task!

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