Environment sets the tone

Closing my eyes I can take myself back to my childhood in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, San Isabel Forest, puts me in my happy place. I can hear the rustling of the aspen leaves, feel the cool breeze stirred by the daily winds and brief rainstorms came through, the feel of the ice cold water on my feet as I walked barefoot in the creek, and smelling the campfire from the cabin next door. Straddling the railing waiting for the hummingbirds to land on my finger was the best way to end the evening. That setting was filled with meaning to the 10 year old me. Now at 57, my environment is the Nevada desert. My joy comes from the sound of our waterfall, the rustling of palm trees, the amazing oranges and reds of the sky at sunset, and the sounds of daily geese flying overhead. 

Our surroundings have a significant impact on our well-being. Sometimes the environment is under our control, sometimes it is in the control of others. What can we do to create that personal environment for ourselves or those we love? Look around you and identify what brings you peace, a smile, a laugh, or a sense of security. Marie Condo, a renowned tidying expert, helps people create supportive environments in their homes through sorting and organizing. Her philosophy of “Keep only things that speak to your heart” can apply to more than just things. Use this philosophy to help sort through the situations, the people, the experiences in your life. Do they add to a supportive environment or distract from it? When supporting those you love, help them to identify and seek environmental shifts that will bring purpose and joy. Creating a supportive environment is an investment in the well-being of all who gather in the space.

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