Five F’s of environmental fine-tuning

When partnering with those whose lives are changing with age, explore and discover ways to partner with them in creating a supportive environment. Teepa Snow, founder of Positive Approach to Care, provides a way of assessing environment to determine if it is truly supportive. She calls it the 4 F’s. 

1 – FUNCTIONAL. Is the setting truly functional for those living there? Does the person have access to do the things they need to do. For example, if balance is a challenge, a functional option would be a stable 4 legged bar stool with a supportive back rather than lightweight and easily tipped traditional stools. Or if a person has shoulder issues, a functional kitchen would have important kitchen tools within reach on the counter or on lower shelves.

2 – FAMILIAR. We all have that favorite robe or sweatshirt that we love to cuddle up in on a chilly evening. Consider the comfortable feelings you get when hearing theme songs for a television show that you have seen 100 times. I still smile when hearing the chime of the kitchen clock at my mother’s home that was a regular part of my childhood. A favorite chair, or even table setting might better support them if moving to a new setting.

3 – FORGIVING. I like to call this a ‘yes’ atmosphere. A place where we don’t have to be perfect, where ‘yes’ is heard much more than ‘no’, and we feel a sense of success. This is important when supporting a person living with dementia.

4 – FRIENDLY.  What makes the environment feel welcoming and friendly? This may involve a chat with a neighbor over the fence, fresh flowers sitting on the counter, or a smile combined with a compliment. Being greeted by their preferred name shows connection and respect.

I choose to add one more F to the list.

5 – FEELING SAFE or FREE OF FEAR. A sense of safety is second only to physical needs on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Trust and belief in those around us combined with a confidence of safety in our surroundings is a key to creating a sense of well-being. Do an assessment of your own home looking for these five F’s.

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